What is Octave in Piano? Piano Notes in Octave

what is octave in piano or octave piano

When you are in the learning phase of the piano as a beginner, you have probably heard the term‘Octave’. What actually is it? Today I will explain to you what does it mean.

Definition of an Octave on Piano

In music theory, an Octave is a musical interval between one musical pitch and another with double its frequency. This term is also used to describe an interval i.e., the musical distance between 2 notes.

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In a piano, when we start the sequence (left to right) of white keys from note C, the sequence will follow: C D E F A B then again repeat C. Here you can see from note C to note B, this particular section has 5 black keys + 7 white keys pattern. This is known as Octave. This pattern will be repeated as we move along to the right on a piano. The number of octaves in a keyboard or piano depends upon the size of the keyboard or piano whether it is 32 keys, 64 keys, 81 keys.

octaves on a piano, octave piano, piano octaves
An Octave

Why do we call an Octave?

If we count the notes from lower C to higher C then higher C will get the number ‘Eight’. That’s why we call it an Octave (‘Oct’ means ‘Eight’). As you can see in the table below that C (Higher) got 8th number in the sequence.


How many keys on a piano in an Octave?

There are mainly 12 notes or keys (5 Black Keys + 7 White Keys) in one octave on piano. We usually do not count the repeated C note because it’s a note/key of the next higher octave. Here in the diagram below, I have mentioned the names of all notes or keys present in one octave. You should know all the names of the piano notes. This is very important for all pianists because it will really help in learning chords, arpeggios patterns.

piano notes
Piano Notes

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